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Data Collection Service Offering  

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Data Collection
Service Offering Sheet

Adept Technologies provides a full range of services to support your mobile and wireless device needs. Services range from analyzing existing legacy RF devices through developing solutions to take advantage of the convergence of wireless technologies. Utilizing a full cycle approach to these services means that Adept Technologies knows the issues that you will face and is uniquely qualified to craft a solution that is right for you. These services include:  
Service Offering Service Description
Assessment RF Device Assessment and Inventory (Legacy Device Assessment)
  Assess the health and document the status of RF device and associated application and network components. As a stand alone engagement or as part of a proactive preventive maintenance program.
Selection Device Selection
  Working with business and IT representatives, subject matter experts review existing business requirements to determine best of breed devices options. Replace end-of-life units. Integrate technology to suit business process and increased efficiencies.
Configuration Configuration Development
  Based on business requirements provide a configuration that allows access to critical resources without exposing sensitive data to unwanted attack. Devices should be easy to use while being “locked-down” to those features and functions required.
Disaster Recovery Deployment and Provisioning (Disaster Recovery)
  Establish and process for deploying RF devices to meet business needs. As business dictates RF devices are added or decommissioned. The ongoing process include provisions for break/fix RF device return to
Management Services RF Device Management Services
  An automated process for developing and deploying RF devices. The management suite includes infrastructure and software that allows for this process. Application deployment, device security configuration, and related device setting are included in this service.
Training Training
  Based on the level of expertise develop a training program to allow for steady state support of RF devices. Training can include user training, device management training, device provisioning, device break/fix return to service.
Support Support
  A tiered program that can include 24x7 Help Desk, Onsite Troubleshooting, Health/Inventory Assessments, Proactive Preventive Maintenance.
Program Management Program / Project Management
  Full Project Life Cycle approach to developing and deploying RF device and Wireless LAN services. Customer specific projects are scoped and delivered to meet business requirements.
Integration Network Integration
  As business applications require more technology RF device and network requirements are reviewed, updated and integrated into a solution that meet the business requirements.
Qualification Device Qualification / Application Validation Support
  Regulated environments require specific documentation to corporate governance and IT security policies. Working with the business and IT groups these documents are developed and executed by qualified professionals.
Scripting Emulation Scripting, Customization and Integration Consulting
  Develop and deploy scripts and/or customization of emulation software for client RF device environment. Typical engagement includes a review of customer’s applications.

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