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Adept Technologies is uniquely qualified to analyze and develop a RF device management solution that meets you business needs. Our clients realize saving and security in knowing that an experienced RF expert has worked with the business users to provide an end-to-end process that save times and money in the event of a problem. Adept Technologies services include:

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Mobile Device Management Service Offering Sheet

Service Offering Service Description
Project Managment Mobile Device Management Program
  Review and document business and IT requirements. Develop and deploy a Mobile Device Management System. This includes deploying management infrastructure and software, enabling pilot Mobile Devices, and associated configuration options.
Legacy Devices Management of Legacy Devices
  Meet with business representatives. Analyze existing legacy Mobile Devices. Develop a Mobile Device management strategy. Integrate legacy device into a Mobile Device Management program. Insure that legacy devices and geographic locations are included in the process.
Training Mobile Device Management Training
  Training specifically on your unique environment. A typical training would include a review of the Mobile Device environment and onsite class training training. Class sizes can vary based on business need.
Provisioning Mobile Device Provisioning
  Create and deploy Mobile Device Management application packages. Newly deployed Mobile Devices would be included in the Mobile Device management program. Work effort will vary based on quantity of devices to deploy.
Suite Upgrade Mobile Device Management Suite Upgrade
  As businesses require and/or technology dictates, upgrade versions of Mobile Device Management software. Scope will depend on quantity of existing device deployment.
Back up and Restore Mobile Device Backup and Restore
  Integrate Mobile Device Management backup process into existing Enterprise backup technology.
Disaster Recovery Mobile Device Disaster Recovery
  Assist in recovery from catastrophic disaster. This would include an amount of system rebuild, and redeployment of Mobile Devices.

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