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Wireless LAN Service Offering  

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Wireless LAN
Service Offering Sheet

Adept Technologies provides wireless LAN services that allow your business the maximum value for the investment. Our deep background in "wired" network technology allows us to work with our IT partners to provide a standard, stable, and secure wireless network. These services include:  
Service Offering Service Description
Needs Analysis WLAN Needs Analysis
  Meet with key stakeholders to determine the business requirements for the proposed WLAN. A recommended solution will be provided to address these needs including a project plan. Services provided during a needs analysis may include - vendor comparisons, interviews of end-users, audits of existing infrastructure, and wireless strategy development.
Site Assessment WLAN Site Assessment
  Site surveys are performed onsite to determine existing and future coverage needs for a given facility, building or campus. Experienced Wireless System Engineers perform the RF site survey and delivers detailed reports on existing coverage and sources of interference as well as projected coverage and installation locations for Access Points.
Mobile Review Mobile Application and Infrastructure Review
  Review application and infrastructure requirements to determine the appropriate WLAN design. Our expertise in traditional network infrastructure and RF applications allow us produce a solution that that integrates smoothly while meeting all the needs of the stakeholders.
Strategy WLAN Strategy / Business Assessment
  Develop a strategic plan for the long-term use of wireless infrastructure and devices in the enterprise. Specific steps are used to gather information and requirements from stakeholders including interviews, questionnaires, business requirements and industry trends. The result will establish standards with buy-in from stakeholders which can be used throughout the organization.
Assessment Security Auditing and Assessments
  Perform an in depth analysis of existing network security. Review the results of the assessment versus company policies and best of breed solutions. Document vulnerabilities and provide a documented remediation strategy - including project requirements, timelines, and cost.
Remediation WLAN Performance
Review and Remediation
  Based on the business needs documented in the WLAN Strategy and the vulnerabilities uncover in the Security Audit - develop and execute a remediation effort. Key issues to consider are WLAN performance, scalability and reliability.
WLAN Deployment Wireless Infrastructure Deployment
  Full Project Life Cycle approach to developing and deploying RF device and Wireless LAN services. Configure and deploy wireless LAN hardware. Work with application and IT support groups to insure that network resources are available to user community while providing a standard, stable and secure environment. Customer specific projects are scoped and delivered to meet business requirements.
Support WLAN Management /
Integrated Support
  Develop and deploy an integrated WLAN infrastructure management solution to manage and monitor WLAN. The tiered program can include 24x7 Help Desk, Onsite Troubleshooting, Health/Inventory Assessments, Proactive Preventive Maintenance.

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